An ethnically and economically diverse community is an asset for independent schools. To achieve it, we view our professional and financial resources as a common good. Tru holds the intention of making transformative education available to all children regardless of their means.

Community Based Tuition is how we describe financial aid. It reflects how we think about tuition; our community gives to support the education of whole community, with the belief that our culture and our children’s learning are enriched by a diverse set of families.

To apply for Community Based Tuition, we use the TADS platform to calculate an expected family contribution to education. Start your application early; you can visit their website to begin the process.

Click here to begin an application.

To give you an idea of how much financial aid you might qualify for, here are some sample profiles to consider. Of course, each family's situation is unique:

Family income - $90,000
Tuition - $3,500

Family income - $160,000
Tuition - $15,000


February 1, 2020 — new community based tuition applications due
February 15, 2020 — community based tuition documents due