Giving children time to relax and be themselves

Fresh Air is our time after school for children who spend an extended day on campus. Some children join us at this time from neighboring schools. Research tells us that children advance in health and engagement through free play time. They naturally begin to explore their environment, interact with each other, develop ideas from their imaginations, and simply enjoy physical movement. 

  • small, personal environment to provide close attention
  • mixed age setting to support social flexibility
  • extended free play, indoor and outdoor
  • convenient location
  • walking escort provided from Addison or Walter Hays schools
  • interactive workshops in German, maker/invention, math, and writing have been offered
  • time to complete homework
  • private piano instruction available

Options available

Weekdays, 2:30 – 6:00 pm

Full-time ($30/day) and part-time plans available; walking pickup from Addison School

How to apply


Or call us at (650) 469-3656