The Tru Learning Outcomes

Developed for the purpose of school accreditation, these are the broad school-wide learning outcomes that we expect for all our students.

As thinking individuals, students will
imagine, reason, analyze, study, and reflect to assimilate new knowledge with previous understanding.

As feeling individuals, students will
sense, empathize, and advocate for others to build a community that cares for itself.

As physical individuals, students will
develop, move, and control their bodies to achieve a state of physical health and well being.

As active individuals, students will
explore, invent, and organize to create change in their circumstances and in society.

As social individuals, students will
express, listen, respond, and connect with other people to become an involved citizen of the world.

As self-reflective individuals, students will
question, listen, and examine their own identity to discover a sense of mindful awareness and true purpose in life.

As moral individuals, students will
aspire, believe, and commit to ideals of human action to establish a courageous presence in all their choices.

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