For success in middle school, high school, college, and life, the critical element is knowing oneself and interacting confidently with the world. Having a conversation about ideas. Pursuing something one loves. Speaking up. Not being afraid to be wrong. The students who try to fit a mold of excellence will not really stand out. But the students who are encouraged to explore their unique paths will always surprise us. At Tru we get surprised every day.

With excellent credentials and teacher preparation, Tru offers a literacy curriculum that propels students toward extensive vocabulary and articulate writing skills. We use an original cutting edge math curriculum based on a wealth of research in effective teaching practice that has prepared students for accelerated achievement. Our students engage in demanding scientific inquiry where they wrestle with messy results and elusive conclusions, preparing them for the challenges of raw research as well as AP Biology. Our small classes make possible a depth of discussion not achievable in larger settings. We believe open-ended questions (not memorized answers on a test) are needed for the depth of thinking in a truly academic environment.

- Theodore