“The teachers are very engaged, and passionate about teaching.  Theodore, the principal, has a clear vision for the school, is very knowledgeable, and responsive to parents' requests.  The school is conveniently located near a park with a nice playground, library, Palo Alto zoo and junior center, and the school is utilizing those resources well.”

“This is a school that focuses a lot on reflection. They constantly experiment and question why things work the way they do. They do a tremendous amount of writing that requires, introspection, lots of thinking and answering questions rather than writing just for practice. How you learn is more emphasized on what you learn.”

“My daughter has been attending Tru since she started elementary school and we have seen a lot of positive changes in her both behavioral and academic. She is much more aware of her own feelings and also cares about people around her. Academically, she was always good with reading and writing but the school has helped her to flourish even more. She was quite averse to math but the teachers have customized the learning to each child's individual capability and have managed to boost my daughter's self-confidence to an extent where she does not shy away from math problems but rather tries different ways that she has learnt at school in order to solve the problem.”

“Having a scientific PhD, I can attest to the rigor in independent thinking and deep level of inquiry and experimentation that the school encourages, and how my daughter applies it in our conversations together. She is also supported in expressing herself and engaging meaningfully with her "play" - it is evident in the projects she puts together at home. She picks up the school's positive worldview, including a great respect and appreciation for differences in backgrounds (they had visits this year with construction workers, ethnic and religious representatives, software engineers, mailmen, grocery workers and many more). “

“ I don't think there is another school as joyful, caring and positive as Tru.”