Learning takes many forms. Some children are gifted and thrive in a project-based flexible environment full of challenge. Others are very socially aware and thrive when teachers know them well and support them in finding their own voice. Our experienced teachers provide a versatile experience that benefits all of our students. We offer a differentiated academic program with specific activities suited to your child's development. We cultivate authentic, caring relationships to nurture empathy and strong communication skills. We provide hands-on projects to develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving. 

Our environment allows children to feel safe and understood, with peers that accept them as unique individuals.
Tru will prepare your child through a curriculum informed by national standards to meet the academic demands of middle school, high school, and beyond. Our extensive field trip program provides real-world experiences for children through partnerships with local organizations. With meaningful STEAM activities (science/technology/engineering/arts/ mathematics), we introduce technology as a tool—not just a toy—integral to learning in the modern world.


What visitors say

I observed children of all ages enthusiastically engaged in individual work and group conversations. They spontaneously shared their work with me and talked about their learning in sophisticated and insightful ways. Teachers and children spoke respectfully with one another, and seemed to truly value what others had to say. In each classroom, there was a quiet buzz as children asked each other questions or shared their work. The true spirit of collaboration was in marked contrast to the required collaborative lessons that I observe in many schools.

— Barbara Stern, Educational Consultant
New York City

We visit over a hundred schools a year and Tru School certainly stands out. We frequently see schools where the students are either all the same or split into cliques. At Tru School we saw students that were addressed as individuals, allowing them to maintain and develop their unique personalities. Each of the students were uniquely bright, personable, mature, and extremely flexible. We are used to going to schools and having trouble teaching kids we have never seen before but the maturity and flexibility of your students made it very easy to teach them and participate in our lesson.

— Jacob Montz, Education Specialist
Aquarium of the Bay

The teachers warmly welcomed me into their classrooms, and the students greeted me with enthusiasm. I observed students apply their learning in an authentic ways that involved critical thinking, problem solving, and self generated projects based on their own questions. Students were engaged in their learning, and teachers were able to individually listen to students and work with small groups. I was so impressed by the teachers’ questioning of students and the students’ genuine responses. It was a pleasure to be in an environment that values children’s voices and honors their sense of wonder.

— Joyce Friedman, Demonstration Teacher
UCLA Lab School