In our small classrooms I have the opportunity to get to know each of my students. I know when they struggle, what motivates them, and where they excel. With integrated curriculum I can plan experiences while giving room for the students to follow their own inspirations. Being with one class all day allows me the flexibility to balance deeper explorations with activities that foster a state of relaxation and quiet reflection.

- Julia Timpson, Education Director


BS in Biology and MA in Child Development, Mills College


"The foundation of education lies on the partnership among students, parents, and teachers. The instructor shares knowledge and experience, sets the stage, builds confidence, encourages risk taking, and stimulates innate curiosity and a sense of wonder for the joyful exploration of the self and the world around us."



- Sacha Chen-Schaab, Lead Teacher

BA International Studies, Central Connecticut State University.
MEd Applied Linguistics, University of Southern Queensland (Australia)

Teaching for me is a process of self-discovery while I become the guide for students in their own journey to explore, experiment, and experience learning through deep engagement. Learning happens when will meets skill. In a happy place, children are more willing to bring their positive energies to the classroom and outside. That is when true learning takes place.

- Tanushree Samanta, Teacher

BA in English, Lady Shri Ram College; MS in Communications and MA in Education, San José State

I believe that education is a transformative process when the teachers are engaged in questioning. What is the meaning of what we are doing? Why is it important? That kind of classroom dialogue leads to academic depth and personal reflection at the same time

- Theodore Timpson, Head of School

BA in English, Harvard; MS in Education, Bank Street College; MA in Educational Leadership, San José State