Make children’s learning a transformative experience

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Learning at Tru

Transformative learning changes the experience of school. Every moment becomes an opportunity.

Instead of fragmented and disconnected classes, we explore unified themes and projects. Each day unfolds like a story.

Social-emotional learning becomes an embedded practice of the school, with relationships at the center.

Real life situations become the textbook. Role playing games become the field of inquiry.

Through this journey of transformation, children lead deeper, richer, more meaningful lives.

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Our approach

Transformative learning explores the potential of every moment.

  • Our teachers make the subject personal because interest drives learning. They can follow natural interests and know the students individually because of our small classes.

  • They know child development so that they can find the teachable moments. They create appropriate curriculum and base their assessment expectations on research.

  • Tru demands creative independence in order to develop a growth mindset in children. We offer open-ended tasks and active thinking challenges, full of individual expression. We give regular recognition, critique, and support.

  • We build a community of strong relationships to create a compassionate society. Students enter a classroom responsive to their motivations, learn many complex communication skills, and experience story and tradition together.

  • Our approach embraces physical exploration. Children move around. They make build visual models to display their work. They perform and present.

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Why Tru?

We believe that an emphasis on the most essential skills will give children the power to meet their future with confidence.

Through complex and open-ended tasks, students apply critical thinking, creative problem solving, and the ability to assess their own progress.

In projects requiring collaboration and communication, they learn to work effectively in a team-based environment.

By following passion-driven inquiry, students develop curiosity, perseverance, and the taste for intellectual challenge.

In the practice of investigating different perspectives, they also gain the ability to recognize and articulate multiple points of view.

Our reflective community, where children have close relationships with teachers, encourages positive habits of mind, deeper self-awareness, resilience, and a lifelong sense of well-being.

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Tru is a private, progressive elementary school near downtown Palo Alto serving students K – 5 that makes learning a transformative experience.



“For success in middle school, high school, college, and life, the critical element is knowing oneself and presenting oneself comfortably to other adults. Having a conversation about ideas. Pursuing something one loves. Speaking up. Not being afraid to be wrong”