Today I dedicate myself
to finding wisdom.

Philosophy and Purpose

The Cycle of Exploration

The months and years that children give to their education should be filled with the opportunity to question, to pursue inspiration, and to form a sense of what matters most. Every activity can relate to broad lifelong goals: understanding, personal growth, competency, and achievement.

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To live with wisdom
is to care for others,


Relationships and Communication

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connect all experiences


A Tapestry of Learning

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and learn who I am.


Stage Performance

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Everything we do together
is an opportunity to grow.

Growth Mindset

A Developmental Approach

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Today I will create friendship
and seek meaning.


Thinking About Experience

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Today I will make our community
a place where everyone can belong,

Diversity and Belonging

The Beloved Community

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where we can trust ourselves,
where the art & science of living

Life Skills

Real Experience

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become as natural as breathing.
Let us breathe in peace

Personal Well Being


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and breathe out kindness.
Every day, every day,
and every day, forever.

Rhythm and Pacing

A Day at Trū

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