Life Skills

Real Experience

The four walls of a classroom have an important role in education, but many important lessons come from outside those walls.

Trū strives to introduce children to real-world situations that awaken their sense of curiosity about the community around them.

The world is a place for learning, and in Silicon Valley the world is right there around us. We travel to other places and invite guest instructors to deepen the level of our students’ understanding through practical knowledge. Visits give unexpected detail, perspective, and sensory experience to a study that cannot be achieved so easily inside a classroom. The school conducts regular trips to museums, parks, performances, and other sites related to topics of study.

The teaching staff collaborates each year to develop 8-10 excursions relevant to the thematic study of that year. Activities have included visiting the fire station as part of a neighborhood study, exploring the physical suspension dynamics of the Golden Gate Bridge, planting wildflowers at a local park to strengthen bee populations, and seeing the origins of technology at the Computer History Museum.

Parents often volunteer to accompany us on these explorations, which can become memorable moments out of the year, crystallizing and reinforcing the knowledge students gain from classroom reading and instruction. For us, school is a gateway to a larger world.

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