Our Mission

Make children’s learning a transformative experience.

A holistic educational program.

Trū engages its students on a quest for understanding and connection to others that will continue throughout life.

In collaborative work with adults and peers across a range of ages, our students learn to adopt widely varying perspectives, different from their own. We use mindfulness and conscious relaxation techniques to encourage emotional intelligence, calmness, and well-being. Surrounded by a nurturing culture where they are known well, children learn to express empathy. We act on the power of diversity and inclusion to create a more just community.

Trū designs integrated, cross-disciplinary studies, in which children develop a sense of open-ended curiosity. We offer real life experiences that stimulate a growth mindset, where success is seen as a result of sustained effort. Our students enter reflective discussions to cultivate their ability to perceive and question assumptions, and to gain knowledge and awareness of themselves. Trū produces high-quality stage performances to give children lasting attitudes of confidence and self-efficacy.

Trū leads children on a journey toward greater versions of themselves.

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