Relationships and Communication

“The desire to be cared for is almost certainly a universal human characteristic.” ~ Nel Noddings

Young children spend so much time in the world of feelings.

By recognizing and responding to those feelings, teachers create an atmosphere of genuine welcome. An embedded social emotional learning program arises from the principle that relationships and academic learning go hand in hand. Children want to know that their teachers and peers like them, value them, and listen to them.


Trū cultivates empathy in deliberate ways.

We help children find words to describe what they feel. Our conflict resolution process begins with reminding each child to notice their own feelings, to take deep breaths for greater calmness, and to look at the other person’s face. We use the natural human capacity to mirror the expressions of others and sense how they might be feeling. Children also practice listening exercises to see how well they understand what another person told them. In many activities we use music to awaken an immediate, sensory experience of different feelings and cultures.

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