I have always believed that the critical element for success is knowing oneself and interacting confidently with the world. Having a conversation about ideas. Pursuing something one loves. Speaking up, unafraid to be wrong. The students who try to fit a profile of excellence will not really stand out, but the students who explore a unique path will always surprise us. At Tru we get surprised every day.

Tru offers a place where the learning culture makes everyone curious: students, teachers, parents. We believe open-ended questions (not memorized answers on a test) are needed for the depth of thinking in a truly academic environment. I encourage you to take the time to understand the many unique aspects of this school: the broad themes of inquiry, the core practices of performance and mindfulness, and the special quality of teacher relationships. Our deliberate small size of 36 children makes possible a depth of experience not achievable in larger settings. Finding the right place for a child is not easy, so my best advice to you is this: take your time, and be particular. Don’t settle for something convenient, but believe in the possibility of a childhood filled with rich experiences. That’s what we did, and the result is Trū.

– Theodore
Co-founder and head of school

Why Trū

Learning takes many forms

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Happy Birthday Trū!

Ten Years Strong

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